New Exhibition!

Allison Svoboda

December 3rd (@2pm) – 18th


Organic patterns and forms found in nature have an instinctive draw. The theory of fractal geometry; infinite layers of self- similar shapes repeated in every living thing, hold an endless fascination for me. Plants, feathers, skeletons; this enormous energy in nature influences my work.

I work intuitively through thousands of brushstrokes creating hundreds of small paintings. I then collate the work, tearing out images that work together. When I find compositions that intrigue me, I then delve into the longer process of collage, taking time to digest the image.

When the composition is complete, like with Japanese Suiseki or a Chinese Scholar’s rock, each viewer has his own experience as new images emerge from the completed arrangement. the ephemeral quality of the paper and meditative aspect of the brushwork evoke a Buddhist mandala. I hope by viewing the work one is brought into this meditative dream state, searching for completeness and self-unity.


“These deeply hued, fractal-infused images are a sensuous evocation of the artist’s hand; of simple means and simple materials that conjure complex results.  This simplicity is synonymous with honesty and authenticity, a kind of “truth to materials” aesthetic desperately needed in there superficial times.”

-Alan Pacaro, Art Critic