Beryl King

I guess my love of Art goes back a long way, I started out as a painter and felt a strong creative urge at a young age. Life being what it is I did not get the opportunities early on to continue my studies in this area; I had to wait until my family were older.

I also have a love of music and studied the piano, classical, from a young age. I also loved reading, and up to now have been interested in History, mythology and legends, of which I find I use in my work.
I found my love of working with Clay about twenty years ago when I moved to Phillip Island. I started working and reading everything I could get my hands on about pottery and sculpture.

I finally went to TAFE for a visual arts diploma and really found my place. Although I did not study ceramics I found sculpture with proportions, balance, and techniques, so agreeable to my work in clay.

Each piece I make is different and follows a theme on what is interesting to me at the time. I really try to get emotion in my work, and to make the viewer feel something, either to laugh, cry or feel something.

I have been lucky to find galleries who like and sell my work. Far East Gippsland has been very good for me; the beautiful forests and mild climate create a restful environment to work and study.

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