Cristina Popovici


The Romanian born artist, Cristina Popovici, had a classical training in Fine Arts, this became the foundation for her practise of abstract expressionism. She has produced a large body of artworks throughout her career, using different supports such as traditional canvas, Perspex, PVC, fibre glass, and metal stencils, and different paints ranging from industrial paint, glass paint, ink, plaster, acrylic, spray paints and oils. Popovici does not use narrative in her paintings, rather there is a process of internalization where energy and emotion are transposed into gesture on the canvas. Lately, Popovici has put more focus on action painting, whereby she analyses the development of mark making from abrupt and instant brush strokes to slow motion pouring. In this way, motion is present in the work as energy preserved in the artistic media. In some artworks, motion is used to disrupt the flowing of the paint and create intensity through lines, in others The paint is allowed to settle and seep into calming rhythms. Popovici has exhibited her intense and expressive works extensively, both nationally and internationally.


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