Graham Jones

Much of Graham Jones’ life has been consumed with some sort of artistic venture covering the genres of music, writing, design and painting. As a former Singer/Musician/Television Performer, published Song Writer, Author and multi-award winning Designer, Graham has recently turned his talents to the world of art.

In January 2015, Graham Jones took up painting…….. a 50 year break since he had won the school art prize at St. Bede’s College Mentone (Vic) in 1965. In reality, Graham has been painting his whole life and while his canvas may have varied dramatically over the years, his passion and ability to create at the highest level, has never changed.

He immediately set himself a rigid regime as a full-time artist working from a studio in Mornington’s commercial arts precinct. Forever ambitious, a certain impatience at beginning his new career so late in his life, spurned Graham Jones on to become a most prolific painter. Acrylic is his chosen media and if for no other reason says Graham, “I don’t have time to sit around and watch paint dry”. He will often have 5 paintings in work at the same time!

Graham’s paintings are often landscaped based, yet walk the line nicely between realism and abstraction, some more obvious than others. An avid traveler, his works (always in series) are reflective of his journeys, often with subliminal undertones, as in his series “Beyond the Veil – Trip to Tassie” and his latest exhibition “Above the Treeline” based upon years of skiing in mountainous regions around the world.

His attitude is carefree, his style, loose. As a Designer, he was a trailblazer in the use of exotic and interesting building materials and hence he brings this quality also to his paintings by experimenting with natural and man-made materials, adding a variety of textures to his palette.

He believes his journey to expressing a distinctive voice which is quintessentially Graham Jones, is not too far away.


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