Jenie Yolland

“Imagine you’re walking down a street early in Spring, and you see an almond tree in full blossom, the delicate white flowers having suddenly appeared as if overnight. It is so gorgeous, but you know that come the first big rainfall the street will be carpeted in petals. The blossom is so fragile, so transient. Then you notice the sunset is just blooming into a gorgeous shade of pink behind the tree. Next thing you know it’s into the car and off to your studio to try and capture that moment in nature forever in the beautiful medium of kiln-formed glass. And as simply as that, another design is born.
Welcome to my life! I draw my inspiration directly from what I see every day, giving every item I create a title, communicating the original inspiration and lovingly re-imagined in glass in varying dimensions, texture and colour.
Today the intense blue of the sea seen from a clifftop, accompanied by the white crash surf on a beach. Tomorrow puddles in an icy track in rural England. The next day, the gorgeous greens of a Far North Queensland tropical rainforest glistening in the searing sunshine. Or perhaps I draw my passion from the built form – a steel tower in a modern urban city centre, or the chaotic beautify of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona. From monochromatic blacks, whites and greys through to riots of every colour in the spectrum, I live every day in the wonder of the world around me.
The relationship between the glass elements in every piece of art means no two pieces are exactly alike as they come out the kiln, much as no story is ever retold in exactly the same way. Just as every flower is unique, so is every piece of glass I create for you. You can truly say, no-one else in the world has one quite like it.
Ultimately, I am sharing love. The love of life. Feel it with me?
After beginning with a passion for watercolour painting, Jenie Yolland has been working with kiln-formed glass for over 20 years. With her own studio in Richmond, Melbourne, her art is exported all over the world and is exhibited widely. She is one of Australia’s leading kiln-formed glass artists and regularly runs classes to share her skills with others.”

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