Jenny Reddin

I am a poured paint artist. I mix viscous solutions of pigment and medium and then pour directly onto the canvas. I use gravity as my paintbrush, manipulating the surface to repel or attract pigment as it falls out of solution. The resulting artwork is reminiscent of aerial photography of monumental landscapes, or of bodies, body parts and internal landscapes.

The way I work means that I need to keep myself at a distance from the surface to be painted. If I become too prescriptive about the direction I want a work to go in it generally fails to achieve an aesthetic outcome and I need to rip the canvas from the stretcher and start again. I have had to learn that failure is part of the journey and that there is a success and failure ratio that I have little control over.

An aesthetic outcome is important to me because I am looking to create works that draw the viewer in but do not answer all the questions.

Urbanisation – Series

Population growth brings prosperity, diversity and opportunity to a city but it also brings increases in heat, density, crime and pollution.

This series seeks to represent the urbanisation of cities in a way that describes the emotional intensity of urban sprawl. The colours are hot and bright representing heat and light, fading to cooler colours as they spread away from the more densely populated centres. Roadways and transport routes are represented by grids that radiate out, leading towards outer, rural areas.

Some of the works represent open spaces surrounded by intense development, indicating the human desire to see trees, open spaces and grasslands. Property prices in New York, in sight of Central Park are upwards of $USD7m which in itself puts strain on the very elements that are so desirable.

Eyes Wide Open – Series

Is a series of works that is inspired by the world around me and the way I react to what I see. The works reflect the whole range of emotions from joy and delight to anger, regret and fear. Many of the works have an environmental theme and relate to my anxiousness about global warming, the rise of radicalism and the breakdown of societal values. Others reflect my sheer joy at being alive right now and being part of a world that is changing under my feet with both good and not so good outcomes.

My process involves reading and viewing world news and then holding the emotion that is evoked whilst I go through the dance that results in my works. I am a poured paint artist and my process involves mixing viscous solutions of pigments, mediums and solvents which I then pour onto preprepared surfaces. I have about as much control of the outcome as I do over world events. The images shift into and out of focus and many don’t make it off the studio floor but when they do, they are evokative of retina or of aerial and internal landscapes.

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