Kerrie Warren

Artist Statement:

The rhythmic, undulating movement and poetic configuration of line, form and colour of the Australian landscape intrigues me. Abstract Expressionism / Action Painting is at the heart of such energetic paintings and much like the landscape itself, these works are in constant visual flux through being shaped and re-shaped by the forces of Nature within which I ‘the artist’ play a part.

Paint thrown onto linen without a preconceived idea invites in the exciting element of unpredictability and presents a kaleidoscope of unforeseen possibilities that are pushed, pulled and played with upon the surface.  Feeling one’s way through the creative process allows intuition to be the guiding factor toward direction and meaning within the work.

I throw the paint – there is an organic randomness that exhibits a purpose and order in the final product.  As I physically move around in the space (work in progress on the floor) I gain an acute sense of rhythm which I postulate is my own personal connection to this existential experience of life.  Nature is inherently rhythmic; the tide rolls in and the tide rolls out, a cycle that is consistently repeated over time.  Like the blood that courses through our veins it has a tempo, and I often wonder if it is an external or an internal rhythm that I have become visually aware of in the work.  Or does it represent something ‘other’ – a connection between the two?

Through intuitively based artworks I strive to evoke a sense of pause within a visually perceived momentum in order to capture ‘flow’ and explore life’s delicate balance, its vulnerable fragility and sublime impermanence. In numerous works one will find boot marks and bare footed steps which indicate my own dance within the painted landscape.  Evidence of presence in the state of creative expression, interwoven within the mystery of life in order to find ‘my place’ within its multilayered and delicate systems of existence.

I’m often asked about the various shapes, shadows and silhouettes appearing in the work from time to time.  The simple shapes that often give us a startle when we least expect it – bush rats, crows, spiders, fish… sometimes humans.  It occurred to me that when I come across these shadows and shapes unexpectedly they make me jump.  My heart beats faster, my senses enhance and sharpen as I experience the primitive response of ‘flight or fight’!  In that passing moment I know that I am truly alive and am quickly reminded that I am not alone in this wondrous experience of life.

Such vibrant and compelling compositions arouse my soul. Visualisation of a living, moving environment – a ‘liveliness’ created from within, seemingly paused forever in a physical state of presence invites us as beholders to further explore, embrace and enjoy.

 Kerrie Warren 2018

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