Kerrie Warren

Artist Statement:

Over the years the natural environment has had a significant influence on my work.

I hold onto my ephemeral existence as a human being and observe in wonderment at the landscape around me… the glorious array of colours, intertwining textural layers and organic patterns of random occurrence create sensations and inspire experiences within that later flow out onto the canvas.

Through the paint I am able to access a deeper connection to my inner self. A merging of physical action and metaphysical awareness takes place and I find myself inside the painting, acutely conscious of the present moment. I become emotionally and physically consumed as I move, pour, dribble, splatter and throw.

There is an emphasis on approach and feel as a kaleidoscope of various possibilities are consciously deliberated throughout the process. My personal experiences and spiritual connection with the land take form to become visual metaphors that tend to highlight my own fragility within this ever changing world.


Kerrie Warren 2015

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