Lynne Bickhoff

“I think that the single most important aspect of creating a painting is being totally connected to the subject. For me to want to paint something in the first place, inspiration must be so compelling that I just have to get it on canvas. This is often the result of being in total awe of the wonders of creation. Sometimes the colours just shout to be put down and I guess that I would describe myself primarily as a colourist. I love the bold, rich earthy colours that we see here in Australia.

Sometimes you can’t find the right words to express how you feel or what you want to say but it naturally comes out in your work. That to me is one of the most valued aspects of my craft. My many life experiences are reflected in my works, ranging from urban scenes right through the whole range of coastal, country and outback scenes. I particularly enjoy figure work and portraits, really enjoying the challenge of capturing a personality. I think that the sheer diversity of my works is also appealing, because of the variety I believe that it keeps my work fresh and alive.

Starting with an idea or a concept of what I would like to convey, this then develops into a visual expression, sometimes though, it seems that the painting will take on a persona of it’s own, developing into something else entirely. Being free to go along with the ride is one of the most exciting aspects of the creative process for me. I paint passionately and almost non-stop finding it almost an obsession!

I seem to have an instinctive feel for whatever media I use, never hesitating to explore new methods and medias. I have benefited from workshops with some very talented artists who have inspired me to want to attain a higher level of skill. These include the very inspirational artists Colley Whisson, Lucja Ray and Paul McCarthy.

Art to me is a never ending study of life, portraying my experiences and emotions through the creative process.”

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