Noriko Wittner

My name is Noriko Wittner and  I was born in Japan in 1959.  I studied Visual Design at Saga University in Kyoto and since emigrating to Australia in 1990 I have  painted oils on canvas and board from my home studio in Heathmont, Melbourne. I have always preferred to paint in a finely detailed representational style which depicts people, animals and places as they really appear. However I also like surrealism, which shows a real but strange world, and so I will sometimes combine different scenes together into one painting to create this surreal effect.

My paintings may look symbolic or that I am trying to make a statement but in fact I am mainly interested in purely how things look, thus the more visual effect that comes from combination and juxtaposition. Thus I am happy for the viewer to make her own interpretation! I paint always in the studio from references such as drawings, sketches and photographs. I read lots of magazines and view the Internet constantly. There are many places to find visual inspiration. My favorite painters include the artists Wendy Sharp, Paula Rego and Eric Fischl who paint in a lyrical storytelling style and Rick Amor who paints seemingly real everyday scenes that appear surreal.

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