Sabina D’Antonio

Sabina’s ‘coastal abstract’ paintings are inspired by the coastal lifestyle which she experiences living on the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria, Australia. With camera in hand, Sabina’s photographic passion is to capture the raw beauty Mother Nature creates over time; rusted metals, peeling paint and anything weathered. This all comes together once she is back in the studio, where she creates a style that brings the viewer an adventure in texture, with hints of mixed media, a horizon made with genuine music sheets, typography, and numbers. All resulting in pieces that arouse and captivate the viewer.

As with all Sabina’s work, inspiration is key, the palette of hues across her artworks come from her surroundings and the day’s events which she is creating in. From a walk along the beach, flowers in her garden, to a person’s shirt or a car passing by. The hidden gems of texture are inspired by the netting on a pier, or off the side of a boat which Sabina comes across on her many journeys along the peninsula’s coast line. You may ask why the numbers? The numbers you see in sequence are inspired by Sabina’s  manufacturing background, combined with a selection of random numbers she may come across on a beach box, a boat out on the water or anything and everything along her day. The music sheets take Sabina back to her childhood with her Mother, who loved playing the piano and to what we all love most about the beach “the beautiful sound of the waves”… life is Sabina’s inspiration.

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