Sally Walk


Facades – a deceptive outer appearance

Don’t judge a book by its cover. We all remember our mother telling us this as a child, but are we all carefully constructing that ‘cover’ to manipulate how we are judged. Sally is fascinated with human nature and an avid ‘people watcher’. She is intrigued by the facades we create to define who we are. This exhibition uses surface treatments of pattern and texture to represent human traits and characteristics.

Sally has been working with porcelain and stoneware clays for over 30 years, to create unique and elaborate creature like sculptures and vessels. Some are delicate with frilled edges and fine carved patterns, others are harsh and aggressive with spikes and heavy carved line. Her work resonates with cultural and historical references and is informed by a desire to highlight important yet complex social issues.

“Sally demonstrates an exceptional command of techniques, a profound understanding of materials and meticulous attention to detail. She uses these to construct work that is conceptual and poetic while being well anchored in the materiality of clay, offering multiple and open ended narratives” Avital Sheffer – ceramic artist

Sally Walk is a member of the UNESCO International Academy of Ceramics. She has worked and exhibited extensively overseas, particularly in China and Japan. She has held a number of solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows. She has a solo exhibition upcoming in New York later in 2018.


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