Susan Woods

Susan grew up in Scotland and Australia. She studied Graphic Design at Prahran College Melbourne 1987, travelled across Asia and Europe to Scotland where she lived for 17 years and in 2000 completed a Masters in Fine Art at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee University. She has exhibited both internationally and locally.

Susan has a longstanding interest in architectural form and representing ideas around place. Her travels further cemented that interest influenced by the striking range of domestic architecture and rich colour palette these unfamiliar places presented.

Her work is primarily concerned with architecture and landscape; where the built environment and nature coexist. Intimate in scale, she paints portraits of place.

Susan’s starting point is photographic documentation which is transposed and reconfigured on to small wooden panels. Always devoid of people, these painted snapshots sit somewhere between a photographic close up and a poetic vignette.

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